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Tera Mai™ Academy


I say the following because Tera Mai™️ Reiki and Tera Mai™ Seichem are the most popular Reiki systems here in Ireland, due to your work here in the 90s and 2000s.And it is a shame that the old version is still being taught. Too many people are not benefitting from Buddha’s upgrades.
I also agree totally that a Tera Mai™ ‘school’ would NOT be allowed to make up its own rules and set itself up as some kind of association like  ‘reiki federations’ have done. 
In the past, ‘federations’  became tricky and egoism crept in.  Federations may start  with good intentions but then men (and women) made up bizarre rules, charged fees, requiring members to jump through unnecessary hoops to register. Federation rules took the ‘federation’  further away from the truth.
Not everyone’s intentions  in starting their own  ‘federation’ were pure.  In the Netherlands, Peter and Michael established a Reiki federation of sorts that abolished Buddha’s Tera Mai™ standards so that they could make more money by initiating other forms of Reiki.  CONSEQUENCES:  They and their members lost their healing abilities, and some members experienced terrible loses. 
A few of the Dutch Tera Mai™ Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki Masters, who have abided by Buddha’s Tera Mai™ standards, are listed on the Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki page .
There are many other examples that I will not get into..  Only to say that the betrayal I found most disturbing came from a man who had been dying and was healed through Tera Mai™ healing  
I would like to see your Academy/ Association/ School venture as being totally linked to you – and on the ground in different countries more like operating an information centre where people in the different countries would learn about legitimate changes in Tera Mai™️, about the Golden Buddha, about the evolution to Golden Tera Mai ™️ and Tera Mai ™️ Akasha Seichem. 

The photo of Light coming into me came about after the photographer asked God to show him the Truth about myself.

This and the healing abilities properly attuned Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki initiates receive are PROOF.


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