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Meaning Behind the Vision


I prayed, asking to know the meaning of the giant, realistic head of Donald J. Trump, that appeared to me during Pam Gregory’s 15-minute, worldwide meditation on Sunday, March 24th.  The meditation took 

place 12 hours before the March 25th full Moon/lunar eclipse.According to Heather Ensworth, a psychologist and astrologer, individuals with Grandiose Narcissism disorder experience inner emptiness.  

Narcissistic individuals mask inner insecurity by creating chaos; and by fulfilling their needs with NO regard for other people or the law. Narcissistic individuals are especially dangerous when they are in positions of leadership.

JUPITER conjunct URANUS on April 20th ~  but we are already feeling the exerted influence of Gods Handwriting in the heavens.  The impact of Light is what I saw plowing into Trump and then Putin. 

Kathleen Milner

JUPITER conjunct URANUS demands we come into right relationship with ourself, others, and the Earth.  Easter Island’s downfall came about through overpopulation, which led to overuse of the land, and the inevitable collapse of civilization. Sustainability is a large, current challenge on Earth. 

Once upon a time, the Sahara Desert was like the Amazon.  BUT overpopulation, destruction of wilderness, and overuse of the land changed the once fertile land into a barren desert.  Evidence may still be found in the Sahara.

All of the above issues need to be cleared so that Earth can enter the Golden Age/Age of Aquarius.LEARN MORE:  Heather Ensworth:  

Full Moon/ Penumbral Eclipse – March 25, 2024: Healing the Wounds of Narcissism and Awakening ( 

Jupiter conjunct Uranus


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