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TRANSFORMATION & SEEING LIGHT:  This morning’s 3rd attempt to record and post a May full Moon meditation occurred at the precise time of the May full Moon, when the energies of transformation and seeing the Light were the strongest.  That energy is in the May 23rd meditation on Facebook/Kathleen.Milner.

–  I turned up the volume!

–  PLEASE direct questions about the Tera Mai™ Academy website to Alberto in Italy [email protected] and Alvagh in Ireland [email protected]  .  They will contact me when it is needed.

–  If you are a properly attuned Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki Master and want to have your name, photo, phone number, email and website address included on the Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki Master page on, please send 100 euros to Alberto at [email protected] .VERY INTERESTING:

SECRETS of the FOUNDING FATHERS on Hulu:  During the ‘not-so-holy wars’ in the 12th century, the Knights Templar found secret documents under the altar in Jerusalem’s Hebrew temple.  

–  Building skills, technology and architecture GREATLY expanded  and improved after the Knights Templar’s return to Europe.

–  Because of their own jealousy, greed and fear, the King of France and the Pope wiped out a good portion of the Knights Templar.

–  Afterwards, secrets were passed on secretly through the Free Masons.

–  Besides advanced technologies, the documents found under Jeruselum’s temple’s altar included a blueprint for the establishment of a representative government within a system of checks and balances  A government free from one all-powerful ruler, like a king.  

–  Star Families are original Templar families dating back to the Arch of the Covenant. Family symbol included the upright 5-pointed star. whereby the single point of the star pointed upright.  

–  G within the symbol, square and compass, stood for both God and geometry(Thus, uniting faith and science.)

–  George Washington’s family was one of the Star Families and he was a master Mason.

–  The United States began as as Templar experiment, and became a revolutionary government

♦️ Kathleen ♥️


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