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DECEMBER 26, 2023 FULL MOON at 7:33 pm ET:   Truth or lies.  Two diametrically opposed conditions are created within the dynamics of this full Moon.  Impossible to pick both sides or sit on the fence. Consequences await, depending upon which path we take.  

The two stars closest to the December Full Moon forebode entirely different futures. Pick carefully before ‘hitching your wagon to a star.’,bringing%20confusion%2C%20lies%20and%20deception

MOVIES:  The fact that Maestro is already offered on NETFLIX says a great deal.   The new movie about Leonard Bernstein, written by and staring Bradley Cooper, is an artsy compilation of both his love life and music career.  What’s missing is a story with tension and resolution.   Because it is on Netflix, you do not have to spend a lot for tickets to watch the movie.  Maestro will introduce you to the music and life of a great American composer and conductor.  

HEALING:  By focusing on Love in my Heart Chakra and through prayer and meditation, my healing abilities increased.  Thus, healing miracles happen more often!  If it works for me, it can work for you.

God’s Angels cannot stop people who are bothering you.  You, however, can send love to the individual(s) from your Heart Chakra.