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The Age of Aquarius, sang by the 5th Dimension in 1969, was a call to action, promoting unity, harmony and innovation. In 2024, prophesy becomes reality for those open to meditation and prayer.     
Jupiter conjunct Uranus brings good fortune and/or understanding.  On a higher level of consciousness it helps us to pray, meditate and discover our own connection to Source (God/Goddess)
– Jupiter conjunct Uranus occurs once every 14 years.  – The April 20, 2024 conjunction helps us to honor what needs to be released. –  Ending of narcissistic, self-serving leaders, wars, and the destruction of Earth and her natural ecosystems.  –  Meditate and recognize Mystical awareness is within us, and we are helped to recognize and manifest new, higher paradigms. –  Mystical awareness sees Truth, cuts through allusions and reveals what needs to be cleared, shattered or reformed.
The Bible story of Noah states that God brought a great cataclysmic flood because people had lost their Spiritual connection to God, Heaven and Earth.  –  Civilizations around the world have similar tales of a great flood occurring about 9500 BC. –  WATCH Netflix’s Ancient Apocalypse  with Graham Hancock. –  Recent astrological signs encourage us to meditate, pray and focus on new, higher forms and paradigms.  

Google Heather Ensworth / Jupiter Conjunct Uranus to learn more.
Ways you can help usher in the Age of Aquarius for yourself, others & Earth:WEDNESDAY CLEARING WAVE (ongoing since August 2008):  At the top of any hour, ask God’s Angels, “Please connect me to the Wednesday Clearing Wave and the Tera Mai™ healers who are doing the clearings and healings. –  Then meditate or pray for whomever or whatever you choose for as long as you wish.
SUNDAY 15-MINUTE MEDITATION:  At 2:00 pm EDT ask God’s Angels, “Please connect me to Pam Gregory and her group.”  –  See yourself standing in a circle of Light, holding hands with people of goodwill around the world. –  If you miss the window, at any time on Sunday, ask to be connected to the group.  See people from all over the world joining hands and asking God to bring the Light to Earth.  Meditate for 15 minutes.


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